Special Issue CFP: Queer Female Fandom (3/1/16; 6/15/17)

We invite essays on femslash and queer female fandom in all its forms. This special issue is the first dedicated to femslash, and it aims to collect and put in dialogue emerging research and criticism on the subject, from histories of lesbian fandom to current fan activities around queer female characters and pairings. Full-length essays due March 1, 2016.  
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Special Issue CFP: Sherlock Holmes Fandom, Sherlockiana, and the Great Game (3/1/16; 3/15/17

We invite essays on Sherlock fandom in all its forms, including: Questions of nomenclature, cultural distinction, class, race, gender, and sexuality; the role of Sherlockian fandom and the Great Game in fandom history; academic histories of Sherlockian fandom, both organized and informal; connections between new adaptation-based fandoms and the older fandom; fan productions; influence of intellectual property law and norms on adaptations and fan productions; Sherlockian publishing; communities, online or off; and specific national fandoms. Full-length essays due March 1, 2016.  
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