Special Issue CFP: The Future of Fandom (1/15/18; 9/15/18)

We invite essays that seek to historicize and contextualize fans, fan works, and fandoms across past, present, and future. Scholarship on fandom’s futures can open connections between technology and interfaces, fannish discussions and trends, fictions of imagined futures, and cultural and political changes in order to illustrate how fandoms may be understood in their historical contexts and cultural interactions.  
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Special Issue CFP: Fans of Color, Fandoms of Color (3/1/18; 3/15/19)

This issue invites the submission of short and long scholarly essays by and about people of color who self-identify as fans (“fans of color”), and about fan communities that have formed around media characters and texts that predominantly or prominently feature characters of color (“fandoms of color”).  
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Special Issue CFP: Tumblr and Fandom (05/01/17; 06/15/18)

This special issue of TWC seeks to explore Tumblr as a (not infrequently contested) fandom platform, in which cultures of age, gender, sexuality, race, dis/ability, class, nationality, religion, language, and so on connect and sometimes clash in the contact zones of fandoms.  
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Special Issue CFP: Romance/Fans: Sexual Fantasy, Love, & Genre in Fandom (12/31/17; 3/15/19)

This special issue aims to examine the romance/fan relationship. We seek to examine the relationship between fan works and romantic storytelling today. We want to explore what constitutes a romance fan or romance fandom. Finally, we want to consider the figure of the romance fan and its construction.  
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Special Issue CFP: Social TV Fandom and the Media Industries (3/1/17; 3/15/18)

This special issue aims to put emerging research on social media platforms and ongoing work on online fan culture in conversation to consider the impact the proliferation of those platforms is having on our understanding of the consumption and negotiation of television in era of on-screen hashtags, cast livetweets, Periscope, and the new world of “Social TV.”  
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