TWC No. 42, Fandoms and Platforms, released


TWC's issue 42 on “Fandoms and Platforms” is out! This issue focuses on how the online spaces fans use influence and shape fan activity. 

The essays in this issue focus on “The platform as the foundation of digital media”, as well as “fan activity of various kinds [which is] built upon and through specific spaces, technologies, and cultural norms”.  Each issue includes articles representing theory, fannish meta, and book reviews. This issue groups its articles into three broad categories: architecture, community, and power. Some examples include: 

The next issue of TWC, No. 43, is a general issue. It will appear on September 15, 2024. Following that, our special issue on "Centering blackness in Fan Studies" will be released.

TWC's upcoming deadlines include:

Sports Fandom, still accepting symposium pieces;

Fans of Color Research Prize, applications due May 1;

We accept submissions for our general issues on a rolling basis. The general issues always appear on September 15.