TWC No. 40 released


Transformative Works and Cultures has released general issue No. 40, edited by coeditors Poe Johnson and Mel Stanfill.

The opening editorial of this issue works to stake out the “state of the field” and remarks that: “As long as fan studies continues to primarily examine white fandom spaces and thus also white voices, white bodies, and white ideas to the exclusion of everyone else and the detriment of full knowledge of fandom, it will continue to be a field that conventionalizes white supremacist ideology.”  

This issue, as coeditors Mel Stanfill and Poe Johnson explain in their editorial, does “not yet [fulfil their] vision of combatting fan studies' whiteness problem; however, various articles published within are solid opening steps.” These essays range from exploring the radical right’s love of Batman, to omegaverse’s use of biological determinism, to the narrative possibilities of baseball, and much more. 

The next issue of TWC, No. 41, is a special issue titled “Chinese Fandoms”. It will appear on December 15th, 2023. Following that, our special issue titled "Fandoms and Platforms" releases on March 15th.

TWC’s current calls for papers include the following issues:

General issue, September 2024 (ROLLING SUBMISSION)
AI and Fandom, March 2025 (January 1, 2024)
Sports Fandom, March 2025 (January 1, 2024)