TWC Expanded Masthead [Press Release]


Transformative Works and Cultures is pleased to announce the expansion of its editorial masthead.

First, we welcome both Taylore Nicole Woodhouse and Tanya D. Zuk to the newly created role of Assistant Editors. Coeditor Mel Stanfill elaborates on this new addition: “Expanding the editorial structure to take on one or more Assistant Editors who are senior PhD students or early career scholars was one of the things that was part of our plan from when we applied to be editors, so I'm glad that after a year of getting our bearings we've been able to do that. Our overall purpose was to both strengthen fan studies as a field by helping cultivate more leaders who are ready to step in either in TWC or another journal, and to help boost some people who are early in their careers, and I hope that's what we're able to do.”

Taylore and Tanya are looking forward to shaping this role and making it their own. They’ve also prioritized specific goals which are in line with the journal’s current trajectory: “We hope to elevate historically marginalized voices in academia and fandom by providing support to the editors and the mission of the journal. Ideally we are looking to diversify the scholarly work, the fans we investigate, and the formats we present to readers.”

Second, Transformative Works and Cultures is also welcoming three new editors to the Symposium team: Jennifer Duggan, Adrienne Raw, and Khaliah Reed. The editorial team is excited about what an expanded team will mean for this section of TWC. When asked, the new Symposium coeditors shared their own goals: “We aim to increase the diversity of symposium authors, to offer opportunities for authors to provide translations of their articles so that symposia are accessible in multiple languages, and to diversify the media authors can use in the symposium section to allow both for a wider reflection of fans’ modes of communication and for broader interactivity with symposium files.”

We look forward to your continued readership and engagement with Transformative Works and Cultures.