Vol 1 (2008)

Table of Contents


Transforming academic and fan cultures
TWC Editor


Abigail De Kosnik
Louisa Ellen Stein
Anne Kustritz
Francesca Coppa


Catherine Tosenberger
Madeline Ashby
Michael A. Arnzen
Sam Ford


And now, a word from the amateurs
Dana L. Bode
On symposia: LiveJournal and the shape of fannish discourse
Rebecca Lucy Busker
Nothing but Net: When cultures collide
Cathy Cupitt
Fan labor audio feature introduction
Bob Rehak


Interview with Henry Jenkins
TWC Editor
Interview with Wu Ming
Veruska Sabucco
Interview with the Audre Lorde of the Rings
TWC Editor


"Teen television: Essays on programming and fandom," edited by Sharon Marie Ross and Louisa Ellen Stein
Mary Dalton
"Fans: The mirror of consumption," by Cornel Sandvoss
Eve Marie Taggart
"Cyberspaces of their own," by Rhiannon Bury
Katarina Maria Hjärpe
"The new influencers," by Paul Gillin
Barna William Donovan