Vol 9 (2012)

"Fan/Remix Video," special issue of TWC guest edited by Francesca Coppa, Muhlenberg College, and Julie Levin Russo, Brown University

Table of Contents


Fan/remix video (a remix)
Julie Levin Russo, Francesca Coppa


Paul J. Booth
Tisha Turk, Joshua Johnson
Virginia Kuhn
Kim Middleton


Sarah Fiona Winters
Agnese Vellar
Kathleen Amy Williams


The two-source illusion: How vidding practices changed Jonathan McIntosh’s political remix videos
Martin Leduc
Abridged series and fandom remix culture
Zephra Doerr
The Star Wars franchise, fan edits, and Lucasfilm
Forrest Phillips


Documenting the vidders: A conversation with Bradcpu
. Counteragent
Interview with Eric Faden and Nina Paley
Brett Boessen
Desiree D'Alessandro and Diran Lyons bear arms: Weapons of mass transformation
Desiree D'Alessandro, Diran Lyons


Fred rant
Alexandra Juhasz
Queer video remix and LGBTQ online communities
Elisa Kreisinger
Genesis of the digital anime music video scene, 1990–2001
Ian Roberts
A history of subversive remix video before YouTube: Thirty political video mashups made between World War II and 2005
Jonathan McIntosh


"Television and new media: Must-click TV," by Jennifer Gillan
Lindsay Giggey