"Controversies in digital ethics," edited by Amber Davisson and Paul Booth

  • Anne Kustritz Utrecht University
Keywords: Privacy, Gender, Participatory Culture, Pseudonyms, Surveillance


Book review of Amber Davisson and Paul Booth. Controversies in Digital Ethics. New York, NY: Bloomsbury, 2016. $130.00 (392p) ISBN 978-1-50131-056-0.

Author Biography

Anne Kustritz, Utrecht University
Anne Kustritz is an Assistant Professor in Media Studies at Utrecht University. She received her PhD in American Culture from the University of Michigan. Her scholarship focuses on fan communities, transformative works, digital economies, and representational politics. Her teaching specializes in sexuality, gender, media ethnography, and convergence. Her articles appear in Camera Obscura, Feminist Media Studies, and The Journal of American Culture.