Vol 8 (2011)

Double guest-edited issue: Race and Ethnicity in Fandom, edited by Robin Anne Reid and Sarah N. Gatson; and Textual Echoes, edited by Cyber Echoes

Table of Contents

Special Issue 1

Editorial: Race and ethnicity in fandom HTML
Sarah N. Gatson, Robin Anne Reid
Fandom as industrial response: Producing identity in an independent Web series HTML
Aymar Jean Christian
Doing fandom, (mis)doing whiteness: Heteronormativity, racialization, and the discursive construction of fandom HTML
Mel Stanfill
Outside oneself in "World of Warcraft": Gamers' perception of the racial self-other HTML
Thomas D. Rowland, Amanda C. Barton
K-pop, Indonesian fandom, and social media HTML
Sun Jung

Special Issue 2

Editorial: Textual echoes HTML
~ Cyber Echoes
(Un)gendering the homoerotic body: Imagining subjects in boys' love and yaoi HTML
Mark McHarry
Whodology: Encountering "Doctor Who" fan fiction through the portals of play studies and ludology HTML
Charles William Hoge
Masochist or machiavel? Reading Harley Quinn in canon and fanon HTML
Kate Ellen Roddy
One true threesome: Reconciling canon and fan desire in "Star Trek: Voyager" HTML
Bridget Kies


Transmedial texts and serialized narratives HTML
Maria Lindgren Leavenworth
Why we should talk about commodifying fan work HTML
Nele Noppe


"The young and the digital," by S. Craig Watkins HTML
Melanie Kohnen
"Adolescents and online fan fiction," by Rebecca Black HTML
Laurie B. Cubbison

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