Whodology: Encountering "Doctor Who" fan fiction through the portals of play studies and ludology

  • Charles William Hoge University of Denver (Colorado, USA)
Keywords: Magic circle, Narrative, Paratext, Play


The fan fiction that is inspired by the textual world of both the original and new series of Doctor Who seems to provide a paratextual world of its own that produces a fascinatingly multidirectional relationship with the narratives that inspire it. Specifically, an interrogation of the intersections of these two worlds yields compelling evidence that the textual world of the new incarnation of the television series is aware of the concerns that tend to be generated by the writers of fan fiction and has adapted its own world to accommodate, or at least acknowledge, many of those concerns. If the writing of Doctor Who fan fiction can be productively read as play and as a creative, ludic engagement, how might the heuristic of ludology be employed as a means to encounter these texts and the playful relationship they create with the textual world from which their content is inspired?

Author Biography

Charles William Hoge, University of Denver (Colorado, USA)
English Department (Literary Studies), PhD candidate
Special Issue 2