Vol 4 (2010)

"Saving People, Hunting Things," special Supernatural issue of TWC guest edited by Catherine Tosenberger, University of Winnipeg

Table of Contents


Love! Valor! "Supernatural"!
Catherine Tosenberger


Catherine Tosenberger
Lisa Schmidt
Melissa N. Bruce
Berit Åström
Line Nybro Petersen
Laura E. Felschow
Monica Flegel, Jenny Roth


Tlon, fandom, and source texts: The effect of fan works on the narrative of "Supernatural"
Deepa Sivarajan
"What you don't know": "Supernatural" fan vids and millennial theology
Louisa Ellen Stein
What are little ghouls made of? The "Supernatural" family, fandom, and the problem of Adam
Kristin Noone
"Supernatural" bodies: Writing subjugation and resistance onto Sam and Dean Winchester
Suzette Chan
Infernal redemption
Babak Zarin
From canon to fanon and back again: The epic journey of "Supernatural" and its fans
Melissa Gray
"I'm glad we got burned, think of all the things we learned": Fandom conflict and context in Counteragent's "Still Alive"
Katharina Freund
A box of mirrors, a unicorn, and a pony
Jules Wilkinson


Interview with Keith R. A. DeCandido
Catherine Tosenberger
Interview with the Super-wiki admin team
Deborah Kaplan
Interview with Wincon organizer Ethrosdemon
TWC Editor


"In the hunt: Unauthorized essays on 'Supernatural,'" edited by Supernatural.tv
Alysa Hornick
"Supernatural role playing game," by J. Chambers
Douglas Schules
"Scare tactics: Supernatural fiction by American women," by Andrew Jeffrey Weinstock
Germán Gil-Curiel
"Contemporary Gothic," by Catherine Spooner
Martin Fradley
"Haunting experiences: Ghosts in contemporary folklore," by Diane E. Goldstein et al.
Linda Levitt
"Pretend we're dead," by Annalee Newitz
Christopher M. Moreman