Vol 10 (2012)

Transformative Works and Fan Activism, edited by Henry Jenkins and Sangita Shresthova, University of Southern California

Table of Contents


Up, up, and away! The power and potential of fan activism HTML
Henry Jenkins, Sangita Shresthova


Fandom meets activism: Rethinking civic and political participation HTML
Melissa M. Brough, Sangita Shresthova
"Cultural acupuncture": Fan activism and the Harry Potter Alliance HTML
Henry Jenkins
Experiencing fan activism: Understanding the power of fan activist organizations through members' narratives HTML
Neta Kligler-Vilenchik, Joshua McVeigh-Schultz, Christine Weitbrecht, Chris Tokuhama
Theorizing a public engagement keystone: Seeing fandom's integral connection to civic engagement through the case of the Harry Potter Alliance HTML
Ashley Hinck
The German federal election of 2009: The challenge of participatory cultures in political campaigns HTML
Andreas Jungherr
Wonder Woman for a day: Affect, agency, and Amazons HTML
Matt Yockey


Fan activism, cybervigilantism, and Othering mechanisms in K-pop fandom HTML
Sun Jung
Being of service: "X-Files" fans and social engagement HTML
Bethan Jones
Fan action and political participation on "The Colbert Report" HTML
Marcus Schulzke
Even a monkey can understand fan activism: Political speech, artistic expression, and a public for the Japanese d├┤jin community HTML
Alex Leavitt, Andrea Horbinski
"Past the brink of tacit support": Fan activism and the Whedonverses HTML
Tanya R. Cochran
Nerdfighters, "Paper Towns," and heterotopia HTML
Lili Wilkinson
The absence of fan activism in the queer fandom of Ho Denise Wan See (HOCC) in Hong Kong HTML
Cheuk Yin Li
Too fat to fly: A case study of unsuccessful fan mobilization HTML
Tom Phillips


Of snowspeeders and Imperial Walkers: Fannish play at the Wisconsin protests HTML
Jonathan Gray
On the ordinariness of participatory culture HTML
Aswin Punathambekar
Imagining No-place HTML
Stephen Duncombe
Fan activism for social mobilization: A critical review of the literature HTML
Lucy Bennett
Flash activism: How a Bollywood film catalyzed civic justice toward a murder trial HTML
Ritesh Mehta


"Fan fiction and copyright: Outside works and intellectual property protection," by Aaron Schwabach HTML
Stacey Marie Lantagne

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