Vol 17 (2014)

General issue, September 2014

Table of Contents


Fannish form and content HTML
TWC Editor


Redefining genderswap fan fiction: A Sherlock case study HTML
Ann McClellan
How to do things with fan subs: Media engagement as subcultural capital in anime fan subbing HTML
Douglas Schules
Bull in a china shop: Alternate reality games and transgressive fan play in social media franchises HTML
Burcu S. Bakioglu


Twinship, incest, and twincest in the Harry Potter universe HTML
Vera Cuntz-Leng
Iron Man in Chinese boys' love fandom: A story untold HTML
John Wei
Fan edits and the legacy of The Phantom Edit HTML
Joshua Wille
Fan fiction metadata creation and utilization within fan fiction archives: Three primary models HTML
Shannon Fay Johnson


Fan fiction and midrash: Making meaning HTML
Rachel Barenblat
Wordplay, mindplay: Fan fiction and postclassical narratology HTML
Veerle Van Steenhuyse
Why they won't save us: Political dispositions in the conflicts of superheroes HTML
Woody Evans
Preserving digital remix video HTML
Rebecca Fraimow
Performances of innocence and deviance in Disney cosplaying HTML
Maria Patrice Amon
Fandom and the fourth wall HTML
Jenna Kathryn Ballinger


Exploring fandom, social media, and producer/fan interactions: An interview with Sleepy Hollow's Orlando Jones HTML
Lucy Bennett, Bertha Chin
Spreadable media: Creating value and meaning in a networked culture HTML
Louisa Ellen Stein


Fanged fan fiction: Variations on Twilight, True Blood, and The Vampire Diaries, by Maria Lindgren Leavenworth and Malin Isaksson HTML
Anne Gilbert
Manga's cultural crossroads, edited by Jaqueline Berndt and Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer HTML
Nicolle Lamerichs
Popular music fandom: Identities, roles, and practices, edited by Mark Duffett HTML
Lucy Bennett

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