Vol 18 (2015)

Performance and performativity in fandom, guest edited by Lucy Bennett (Cardiff University) and Paul J. Booth (DePaul University)

Table of Contents


Performance and performativity in fandom HTML
Lucy Bennett, Paul J. Booth


Self-representation in literary fandom: Women's leisure reader selfies as postfeminist performance HTML
Dawn S. Opel
Fannish tattooing and sacred identity HTML
Bethan Jones
Bound princes and monogamy warnings: Harry Potter, slash, and queer performance in LiveJournal communities HTML
Darlene Rose Hampton
Toward new horizons: Cosplay (re)imagined through the superhero genre, authenticity, and transformation HTML
Ellen Kirkpatrick


The digital fandom of Na'vi speakers HTML
Christine Schreyer
Doctor Who–themed weddings and the performance of fandom HTML
Jessica Elizabeth Johnston
Audience reaction movie trailers and the Paranormal Activity franchise HTML
Alexander Swanson
Simblr famous and SimSecret infamous: Performance, community norms, and shaming among fans of The Sims HTML
Ruth A. Deller
The remediation of the fan convention: Understanding the emerging genre of cosplay music videos HTML
Nicolle Lamerichs


Exploring nonhuman perspectives in live-action role-play HTML
Rafael Bienia
Finding truth in playing pretend: A reflection on cosplay HTML
Shelby Fawn Mongan
My football fandoms, performance, and place HTML
Abby Waysdorf
Zombie walks and the public sphere HTML
Brendan Riley
What is global theater? or, What does new media studies have to do with performance studies? HTML
Abigail De Kosnik


Exploring fandom and the performance paradigm: An interview with Kurt Lancaster, author of Interacting with "Babylon 5" HTML
Paul J. Booth, Lucy Bennett
Interview with Hello Earth Productions HTML
Cameron Salisbury


Fandom unbound: Otaku culture in a connected world, edited by Mizuko Ito, Daisuke Okabe, and Izumi Tsuji HTML
Nele Noppe
Work/text: Investigating "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.," by Cynthia W. Walker HTML
Francesca Coppa

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