Vol 16 (2014)

Materiality and object-oriented fandom, guest edited by Bob Rehak, Swarthmore College

Table of Contents


Materiality and object-oriented fandom HTML
Bob Rehak


From Dalek half balls to Daft Punk helmets: Mimetic fandom and the crafting of replicas HTML
Matt Hills
Exhibiting fandom: A museological perspective HTML
Dorus Hoebink, Stijn Reijnders, Abby Waysdorf
It's not all about the music: Online fan communities and collecting Hard Rock Café pins HTML
Lincoln Geraghty
Peril-sensitive sunglasses, superheroes in miniature, and pink polka-dot boxers: Artifact and collectible video game feelies, play, and the paratextual gaming experience HTML
Ian M. Peters


A pragmatics of things: Materiality and constraint in fan practices HTML
Benjamin Woo
The invisible teenager: Comic book materiality and the amateur films of Don Glut HTML
Matt Yockey
The heterogeneity of maid cafés: Exploring object-oriented fandom in Japan HTML
Luke Sharp
Cosplaying the media mix: Examining Japan's media environment, its static forms, and its influence on cosplay HTML
Matthew Ogonoski


The butcher, the baker, the lightsaber maker HTML
Forrest Phillips
Written on the body: Experiencing affect and identity in my fannish tattoos HTML
Bethan Jones
Fitting Glee in your mailbox HTML
. wordplay


Interview with Mark Racop HTML
Matt Yockey
Beyond souvenirs: Making fannish items by hand HTML
Dana Sterling Bode
Interview with Kandy Fong HTML
Francesca Coppa


Cult collectors: Nostalgia, fandom and collecting popular culture, by Lincoln Geraghty HTML
Michael S. Duffy
Anime's media mix: Franchising toys and characters in Japan, by Marc Steinberg HTML
Brandeise Monk-Payton
Send in the clones: A cultural study of the tribute band, by Georgina Gregory HTML
Sun-ha Hong

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