Building the spear: A demonstration in faking and remaking real feelings for an imaginary work


  • Naomi Jacobs Lancaster University
  • Katherine Crighton Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Shivhan Szabo York University in Toronto



Game design, Goncharov, FSNNA 2023


An exploration of the use of emotional responses and creative resonances in communal multimedia storytelling, using Twine to create an interactive text-based adventure game.



Author Biographies

Naomi Jacobs, Lancaster University

Naomi is Lecturer in Design Policy and Futures Thinking. As an interdisciplinary academic, her work crosses various disciplines including design, computer science, knowledge exchange, and fan and audience studies. Naomi's previous work has focused primarily on interaction; between individuals, communities, disciplines or sectors, and between people and technology and the media they consume.

Katherine Crighton, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Katherine is a writer with over twenty years of experience in SF/F publishing. They’ve been published by Tor Books, Apex, Lightspeed, and more, and is a host of the No Story Is Sacred podcast. They are pursuing an MFA with Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Interactive Media and Game Design program.

Shivhan Szabo, York University in Toronto

Shivhan is an MA/MBA candidate at York University in Toronto, where she is currently researching the implications of artificial intelligence on both the study and creation of art. She is a trained goldsmith and visual artist, as well as an avid creator and consumer of fan-made works.