Transformative Works and Cultures

Transformative Works and Cultures (TWC) is an international, peer-reviewed journal published by the Organization for Transformative Works. TWC publishes articles about transformative works, broadly conceived; articles about media studies; and articles about the fan community.

We invite papers in all areas, including fan fiction, fan vids, film, TV, anime, comic books, fan community, video games, and machinima. We encourage a variety of critical approaches, including feminism, gender studies, queer theory, postcolonial theory, audience theory, reader-response theory, literary criticism, film studies, and posthumanism. We also encourage authors to consider writing personal essays integrated with scholarship; hyperlinked articles; or other forms that test the limits of the genre of academic writing.

Submissions: Authors need to register as authors with the journal before submitting, or if already registered as authors can simply log in and begin the five-step process of submission.


Nancy Baym, Microsoft Research - Lucy Bennett, Cardiff U - Rebecca Black, UC Irvine - Paul Booth, DePaul U - Will Brooker, Kingston U - Rhiannon Bury, Athabasca U - Bertha Chin, Swinburne U of Tech, Sarawak - Melissa Click, Gonzaga U - Abigail De Kosnik, UC Berkeley - Paul Draper, Queensland Conservatorium Griffith U - Catherine Driscoll, U of Sydney - Kathleen Fitzpatrick, MLA - Sam Ford, Convergence Culture Consortium - Jonathan Gray, U of Wisconsin - C. Lee Harrington, Miami U - Heather Hendershot, MIT - Matt Hills, Aberystwyth U - Anne Jamison, U of Utah - Henry Jenkins, USC - Derek Johnson, U of Wisconsin - Bethan Jones, Aberystwyth U - Derek Kompare, Southern Methodist U - Anne Kustritz, U of Utrecht - Alexis Lothian, U of Maryland College Park - Mark McLelland, U of Wollongong - Helen Merrick, Curtin U of Technology - Jason Mittell, Middlebury C - Lori Morimoto, Independent - Roberta Pearson, U of Nottingham - Tom Phillips, U of East Anglia - Whitney Phillips, Mercer U - Bob Rehak, Swarthmore C - Robin Anne Reid, Texas A&M-Commerce - Julie Levin Russo, Evergreen State C - Cornel Sandvoss, U of Huddersfield - Avi Santo, Old Dominion - Suzanne Scott, U of Texas, Austin - Mel Stanfill, U of Central Florida - Catherine Tosenberger, U of Winnipeg - Rebecca Tushnet, Georgetown U Law Center - Ika Willis, U of Wollongong - Rebecca Williams, U of South Wales - Berit Åström, U of Umeå

Upcoming issues

Vol 24 (2017)

Color image of Lexa (THE 100) as a saint, halo behind her head, left hand raised with two fingers pointed up in benediction, with a set of icons and the "t" Tumblr logo superimposed atop
Transformative Works and Cultures, No. 24, special issue, Queer Female Fandom, Cover artwork by Kelsey Showalter (