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Transformative Works and Cultures (TWC) is an international, peer-reviewed journal published by the Organization for Transformative Works. TWC publishes articles about transformative works, broadly conceived; articles about media studies; and articles about the fan community.

We invite papers in all areas, including fan fiction, fan vids, film, TV, anime, comic books, fan community, video games, and machinima. We encourage a variety of critical approaches, including feminism, gender studies, queer theory, postcolonial theory, audience theory, reader-response theory, literary criticism, film studies, and posthumanism. We also encourage authors to consider writing personal essays integrated with scholarship; hyperlinked articles; or other forms that test the limits of the genre of academic writing.

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Nancy Baym, Microsoft Research - Rebecca Black, UC Irvine - Paul Booth, DePaul U - Will Brooker, Kingston U - Rhiannon Bury, Athabasca U - Melissa Click, U of Missouri - Francesca Coppa, Muhlenberg C - Abigail De Kosnik, UC Berkeley - Paul Draper, Queensland Conservatorium Griffith U - Catherine Driscoll, U of Sydney - Kathleen Fitzpatrick, MLA - Sam Ford, Convergence Culture Consortium - Jonathan Gray, U of Wisconsin - C. Lee Harrington, Miami U - Heather Hendershot, MIT - Matt Hills, Aberystwyth U - Henry Jenkins, USC - Derek Johnson, U of Wisconsin - Derek Kompare, Southern Methodist U - Anne Kustritz, U of Amsterdam - Alexis Lothian, U of Maryland College Park - Mark McLelland, U of Wollongong - Helen Merrick, Curtin U of Technology - Jason Mittell, Middlebury C - Lori Morimoto, Independent - Roberta Pearson, U of Nottingham - Whitney Phillips, Mercer U - Bob Rehak, Swarthmore C - Robin Anne Reid, Texas A&M-Commerce - Julie Levin Russo, Evergreen State C - Cornel Sandvoss, U of Huddersfield - Avi Santo, Old Dominion - Suzanne Scott, U of Texas, Austin - Mel Stanfill, Purdue U - Catherine Tosenberger, U of Winnipeg - Rebecca Tushnet, Georgetown U Law Center - Ika Willis, U of Wollongong - Berit Åström, U of Umeå

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series of icons illustrating Letters, Conventions, Zines, Vids, Usenet, The Web, Blogs, Mobile - Transformative Works and Cultures Volume 20 (2015)

Vol 19 (2015)

Transnationalism, localization, and translation in European fandom, guest edited by Anne Kustritz (University of Amsterdam)

Table of Contents


Transnationalism, localization, and translation in European fandom: Fan studies as global media and audience studies HTML
Anne Kustritz


Springsteen fans, #bruceleeds, and the tweeting of locality HTML
Bill Wolff
Antifan activism as a response to MTV's The Valleys HTML
Bethan Jones
The creation of football slash fan fiction HTML
Abby Waysdorf
Representation of American versus non-American fans in Baillie Walsh's Springsteen & I HTML
Maryn Claire Wilkinson
Cultural differences: Polish fandom of Welcome to Night Vale HTML
Agata Włodarczyk, Marta Tyminska
Online Italian fandoms of American TV shows HTML
Eleonora Benecchi


Fandom: The classroom of the future HTML
Paul J. Booth
Watching Dallas again 1: Doing retro audience research HTML
Amanda Gilroy
Watching Dallas again 2: Locating viewing pleasures—An audience study of the new Dallas HTML
Raquel L. Raj, Mabel Wale, Joscha-Nicolai Spoellmink, Arelis Dania, Amanda Gilroy
Watching Dallas again 3: Reassessing Ien Ang's Watching Dallas HTML
Toon Heesakkers, Ward van Hoof, Anne Jager, Amanda Gilroy


A brief history of fan fiction in Germany HTML
Vera Cuntz-Leng, Jacqueline Meintzinger
A connected country: Sweden—Fertile ground for digital fandoms HTML
Christina Olin-Scheller, Pia Sundqvist
Finding Poland: Negotiating the local and the global and the semiperipheral identity of Polish SF&F fandom HTML
Joanna Kucharska, Piotr Sterczewski, Bartłomiej Schweiger, Joanna Płaszewska, Justyna Janik
Case study of French and Spanish fan reception of Game of Thrones HTML
Mélanie Bourdaa, Javier Lozano Delmar
Slash fandom, sociability, and sexual politics in Putin's Russia HTML
Sudha Rajagopalan


Online games, social narratives, by Esther MacCallum-Stewart HTML
Nicolle Lamerichs

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