The creative empowerment of body positivity in the cosplay community

  • Jordan Kass Lome Lesley University
Keywords: Blog, Identity, Survey, Tumblr


In a case study about the cosplay community in relation to creative empowerment of identity and body positivity, I created a blog ( and devised a survey that allowed cosplayers whom I met online and in person to discuss what cosplay meant to them as individuals. Using a combination of qualitative, arts-based research and journalism, I used online documentation to record the ways cosplayers see the community changing, noting themes such as body policing, social media, and sexual harassment.

Author Biography

Jordan Kass Lome, Lesley University
I am a freelance arts educator/researcher that works with various forms of art in curriculum development and administration. I research the relationship between creative exploration of identity through fanworks and social media marketing as well. I am interested in being a liaison between school districts and community organizations to help establish, initiate, and sustain educational arts workshops and programs for all ages and experience levels.