The transformative world of winter fashion in a Nunavik village

  • Jasmin Aurora Stoffer Full time teacher, part time writer.
Keywords: Clothing, Culture, Fashion, Inuit, Transformation


An essay/observation of the traditional winter clothing that has been created recently by some of the Inuit of Kuujjuaraapik, Nunavik. Also includes interviews.

Author Biography

Jasmin Aurora Stoffer, Full time teacher, part time writer.
Northern Soul with an East Coast Heart. I influence young minds, and together we are striving to achieve greatness. I am a teacher just as much as a student. On a daily basis I’m just trying to keep flowing with the Universe. Currently, Kuujjuaraapik, Nunavik (QC) is where I spend the bulk of my time (school year). In the summer, I reside back home in Nova Scotia.