Translation, interpretation, fan fiction: A continuum of meaning production

  • Shannon K. Farley University of Massachusetts Amherst
Keywords: Rosemary Arrojo, Maria Tymoczko


By using the arguments of Maria Tymoczko to enlarge the definition of translation and of Rosemary Arrojo to draw a parallel between the struggle between author and translator and creator and fic writer, I argue that translation studies is a fruitful way to theorize fan fiction and other transformative fan works.

Author Biography

Shannon K. Farley, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Shannon Farley is a PhD candidate at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She has a BA in History and Classics from Williams College, and translated Euripides' Bakkhai as her Masters thesis in Comparative Literature at UMass. Her dissertation is a history of rewriting, from translations of Homer to new media and fanfiction.