How to do things with fan subs: Media engagement as subcultural capital in anime fan subbing

  • Douglas Schules Rikkyo University
Keywords: Anime, Fan studies, Media studies, Subtitling


Anime fandom has been a fairly constant subject in fan scholarship, although only recently have conversations about fan subbing begun to circulate. As useful as those conversations are, none have directly dealt either with the mechanisms of fan subbing, particularly the use of linear notes, as a practice or with how these subs intersect with the flows of subcultural capital. Fan subbing, both as a productive and a consumptive practice, plays a small but influential part in subcultural capital. Engagement with media is a compositional element of such capital in this community.

Author Biography

Douglas Schules, Rikkyo University
Douglas Schules is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Global Business, where he studies media interactivity and translation. His recent work focuses on anime and gaming, and is fueled by the carbohydrate-power of tonkotsu Ramen.