H/c and me: An autoethnographic account of a troubled love affair

  • Judith May Fathallah University of Cardiff
Keywords: Fan fiction, Hurt/comfort


An autoethnographic view of the hurt/comfort genre, its significance, and its appeal.

Author Biography

Judith May Fathallah, University of Cardiff
I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Cardiff. Having been a reader, writer and reviewer of fanfiction since 2001, I hope to complete my thesis on politics and self-fanfiction in fic and online fic communities. I hold a first degree in English from Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge. Text is my first love, and I tend to view fanfic as literature first and foremost. However, I also believe that text is practice, and that literature itself, in its content, production and dissemination, is a political phenomenon. My interests include postmodernism and covergence, race and ethnicity, education, and gender studies.