Acafan identity, communities of practice, and vocational poaching


  • Ross Peter Garner Cardiff University



Doctor Who, Media tourism, Textual poaching, UK higher education


In a conceptualization and critique of the implications motivating a set of teaching and learning sessions designed to introduce undergraduate students to the professional role of location scouts and managers, two main interventions are offered. First, discussion of acafan identities is advanced by considering how this subject position applies to teaching and learning contexts rather than individual research dispositions, with acafans transferring competencies developed through fan practices that appropriate industry-located forms of knowledge to inform pedagogical design. Second, the concept of vocational poaching is applied as an alternative of fannish appropriation that acafans can engage in when designing teaching and learning sessions. Vocational poaching involves individual acafans performing tactical raids on industrially located forms of knowledge via fan practices such as location visiting and using these to satisfy the requirements of neoliberal teaching policies.

Author Biography

Ross Peter Garner, Cardiff University

Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies




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Garner, R. P. (2021). Acafan identity, communities of practice, and vocational poaching. Transformative Works and Cultures, 35.