Toward an integration of musicological methods into fan video studies

  • Sebastian F. K. Svegaard Birmingham City University
Keywords: Audiovisual music, Fan vid, Method, Music, Music analysis, Musicology, Textual analysis, Vidding, Vids


Methods are emerging regarding the analysis of fan videos and vidding. In an expansion of existing analytical methods, I add musical analysis to the repertoire. Assessing music on a deeper, more conscious level takes into account the affective contributions of music in vids, as well as how elements of music contribute to the structuring and creation of vids—for example, in how mood and tone of voice influence the emotional impact of a vid, and in how both rhythm and instrumentation are used by vidders in their creative process. This analytical method opens up a new and fruitful understanding of the art of vidding, the vids themselves, and the vids' creators.

Author Biography

Sebastian F. K. Svegaard, Birmingham City University

MA in musicology.