Generations, migrations, and the future of fandom's private spaces


  • Brianna Dym University of Colorado
  • Casey Fiesler University of Colorado



Activism, Fandom, Privacy, Social norms, Technology


An exploration of old versus young fandom indicates that this divide is fueled by shifting norms encouraged by migration across online platforms, with changes that focus on conflicting norms around the publicness of fandom. Although fandom has become more public facing, fans are also more broadly participating in activism, forming communities for political action and media criticism, causing long-standing fans to worry that these changes could lead to a collapse between private and public spaces. However, what makes fandom important remains intact: fandom is and will continue to be a home for those pushed to the margins of media.

Author Biographies

Brianna Dym, University of Colorado

PhD Student, Information Science

Casey Fiesler, University of Colorado

Assistant Professor, Information Science