Femslash goggles: Fan vids with commentary by creators

  • Julie Levin Russo The Evergreen State College
Keywords: Audiovisuality, Augmented reality, Lesbian subtext, Queer spectatorship, Queer technologies, Vidding


This gallery opens with a curatorial essay offering a metaphorical theory of vidding as an AR technology and contextualizing femslash fan vids. The selection of works with artist notes includes "Come On" by here's luck (2002); "These Two Arms" by Killa (2006); "Vitalum Vitalis" by hollywoodgrrl and ohvienna (2014); "Past the Feeling" by Anoel (2013); "Lightning Field" by bradcpu (2012); "Gimme Sympathy" by beerbad (2014); "I Do Adore" by kiki_miserychic (2014); "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Mithborien (2015); "Hurricane" by Laura Shapiro (2010); "Hands Away" by chaila and beccatoria (2011); "The Coming Out of Quinn Fabray" by jarrow (2011).