Vol 3 (2009)

Table of Contents


Extending transformation
TWC Editor


Debora J Halbert
Julie Levin Russo
Hanna Wirman


Jason Mittell
Melissa L. Tatum
Leora Hadas


The magic of television: Thinking through magical realism in recent TV
Lynne Joyrich
The future of academic writing?
Avi Santo
Repackaging fan culture: The regifting economy of ancillary content models
Suzanne Scott
Snogs of innocence, snogs of experience
Dana Shilling
Playing [with] multiple roles: Readers, authors, and characters in "Who Is Blaise Zabini?"
Anne Collins Smith
"A Jedi like my father before me": Social identity and the New York Comic Con
Jen Gunnels
“The Hunt for Gollum”: Tracking issues of fandom cultures
Robin Anne Reid
Pattern recognition: A dialogue on racism in fan communities
TWC Editor


Interview with Verb Noire
K. Tempest Bradford
Interview with Mark Smith and Denise Paolucci
zvi LikesTV
Interview with Chris Bouchard
Emma Dollard


"Camgirls: Celebrity and community in the age of social networks," by Theresa M. Senft
Adriano Barone
"Introduction to Japanese horror film," by Colette Balmain
Alessia Alfieroni
"Pride and prejudice and zombies: The classic Regency romance—Now with ultraviolent zombie mayhem!," by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith
Craig B. Jacobsen