Watching <em>Dallas</em> again 3: Reassessing Ien Ang's <em>Watching Dallas</em>

  • Toon Heesakkers University of Groningen
  • Ward van Hoof University of Groningen
  • Anne Jager University of Groningen
  • Amanda Gilroy University of Groningen
Keywords: Nostalgia, TV studies


This audience reception project performs an audience study of the first season of the new Dallas (2012–14). It draws on Ien Ang's Watching Dallas ([1982] 1985) to analyze the production of irony and nostalgia. We observe that the blend of ironic viewing and nostalgia results in a more ironic, reflective nostalgia, in contrast to a more serious restorative type of nostalgia.

Author Biography

Toon Heesakkers, University of Groningen
Associate Professor American Studies
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Heesakkers, T., van Hoof, W., Jager, A., & Gilroy, A. (2014). Watching <em>Dallas</em> again 3: Reassessing Ien Ang’s <em>Watching Dallas</em&gt;. Transformative Works and Cultures, 19.