The reviewer's role in Brazilian K-drama fan subs

Vitoria Ferreira Doretto

Federal University of São Carlos, São Carlos, Brazil

[0.1] AbstractAn analysis of the process of proofreading in communities of Brazilian fans subtitling South Korean dramas.

[0.2] KeywordsCollaboration; FSNNA 2020; Proofreading; South Korea; Subtitle

Doretto, Vitoria Ferreira. 2021. "The Reviewer's Role in Brazilian K-drama Fan Subs" [multimedia]. In "Fan Studies Pedagogies," edited by Paul Booth and Regina Yung Lee, special issue, Transformative Works and Cultures, no. 35.

1. Introduction

[1.1] This case study arose from my wish to understand how the proofreading process takes place within a fan subtitling community. The activity of writing subtitles and timing them with video brings together fans from different fields and with different levels of education. I gathered the thoughts of members of four Brazilian fan sub collectives about the proofreading task in particular within the translation, proofreading, and subtitle teams working on South Korean programs (mainly K-dramas), which the teams translated from Korean or English to Brazilian Portuguese. I noted fans' performance of linguistic maneuvers during proofreading to adapt meanings and expressions, as well as the importance of such maneuvers in the process of developing a project for fan sub consumers. Although the basic activities of all the fan sub groups were the same, the way fans taught new members to proofread varied from group to group, and it is possible to identify this occurrence as a gesture to publishing practices (or to learning editorial genetic rites).

[1.2] As a base for the image below, I used responses regarding the functioning of the fan subs. The variation between the terms "proofreader" and "reviewer" occurs because these two activities seem to merge within the fan subs: Its members both correct (proofread) the subtitles and leave comments to their consumers (in the opposite corner of the subtitles) about characters and scenes. Such images illustrate not instability in the proofreading activity but rather an aspect of simultaneous functions.

2. Acknowledgment

[2.1] The case study is part of the investigations developed in a research line of the Study Group "Comunica—Linguistic inscriptions in communication," in which the researcher participates by studying the functioning of the Brazilian literary field, which focuses on the editorial processes of books and newspapers as well as other editing and publishing activities.

3. Multimedia

Colorful pink-based infographic summarizing study of reviewer's role in K-drama fan subs

4. References

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