"Fandom at the crossroads" and "Fangasm!," by Lynn Zubernis and Kathy Larsen

  • Judith May Fathallah Bangor University
Keywords: Fan community, Fan fiction, Supernatural, Television


Review of Lynn Zubernis and Kathy Larsen, Fandom at the crossroads: Celebration, shame and fan/producer relationships. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012, hardcover, $67.99 (250p) ISBN 978-1443835305; paperback, $24.99 (259p) ISBN 978-1443841405. Review of Kathy Larsen and Lynn Zubernis, Fangasm! Supernatural fangirls. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 2013, paperback $14.67 (246p) ISBN 978-1609381981; e-book $17.48 (6732 KB) ASIN B00F5S6IIK.

Author Biography

Judith May Fathallah, Bangor University
Lecturer in Media Theory Department of Creative Industries and Media Bangor University
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